Isolation time

Home cooking during corona time

We all do have to cope with this situation now. And especially now good food and healthy food is important. Indeed, research says that there is a relation between unhealthy eating behavior and mental health [1]. Moreover, your mood can even influence your decisions on what food to choose. In the end, you could maybe even end in a vicious circle. 


So let's make the best out of this situation. 

My soul food- pizza

Yes I know, I just talked about healthy food and know I start with pizza. that might seem weird, but homemade pizza does not necessarily need to be bad!


When making your own pizza at home you decide what ingredients to use and how much you put on your pizza. So, less can be more. 


And making your own pizza from scratch also needs time, so it is a great way to overcome boredom. 

The dough

Besides the right technique of pizza shaping also the dough is crucial for a good pizza. Here is my secret pizza dough recipe. 

Let's make pasta!

Fresh pasta is easy to make and takes only a few and simple ingredients. Once you figured out how to make your own fresh pasta you probably won't buy any in the store for the rest of your life ;). 

Fresh pasta dough

Many recipes claim to be the perfect one, and yes I also would say that I found the perfect recipe for pasta dough. But of course, we know everyone has preferences and it also depends on the circumstances of how your dough will turn out. Sometimes dough becomes too sticky, too dry and tears apart when working with it. But since we all have time at the moment, why not just trying it. Have fun!

The all time classic

I just love this one- Carbonara! It is so simple and so rich in taste. You need 4 ingredients for a real carbonara sauce; egg yolks, Parmesan cheese, pepper and if you want bacon. 

For the doer! 

Yes you there, get ready because you will make the best pesto on the world! OK, maybe the best pesto you ever tried. Pesto Genovese, it's so great, amazing. You gonna love it. I do, so will you.

I hope this selection of recipes gave you some inspiration for the isolation time. Cooking at home can also bee really social, make a video call with your friends and or family while cooking. Exchange experiences and take care of each other. And of course, share! Ask your neighbor if you have something left or just make some more for them (but keep the 1,5 m distance). 

Enjoy cooking! 



1: Nutritional medicine as mainstream in psychiatry, Published: January 25, 2015 DOI:

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