What kind of flour is the right one for your bread?
10. December 2021
Choose the right flour and bake the best bread at home. Here are some insights and what you need to know.

13. April 2020
What is asparagus? What is the difference between white and green and how to prepare it? In this blog post I will give an answer to these questions.

01. April 2020
This blog post will give you some tips for recipes during the #isolationtime. Get your groceries once a week, and make planning for every day! Easy, simple and effective!

24. December 2019
Here is my selection for a great New Years Eve dinner. Get ready for a taste buds explosion.

12. November 2019
Salt, the mineral form of sodium chloride. Taste maker in every kitchen, yet we do not know much about it.

18. March 2019
Fats are an essential part of human diets. Fat enriches the taste of food and helps with the absorption of vitamins. Next to that helps our body to open cells, since fat cells are similar to the structure of human cells. However, when consuming to much fat, even healthy fats, it can end in a weight gain.

02. January 2019
Crunchy, fluffy crust and a thin bottom. That is what most of us desire about a pizza. I experimented for a long time to find the perfect dough and how to shape the pizza to get the best result.

11. November 2018
Good results come from good preparation. And preparation already starts with the right equipment. In this blog post I explain the basic and some not so basic kitchen equipment that I use in my kitchen.