Pizza Shaping

How to become a pizzaiolo

I experimented long time to find the perfect dough and how to shape the pizza to get the best result at home. First things first, you need good ingredients. Make sure you use a good quality flour, not bleached for example and that you give your dough enough time to rise. These basic things are essential to be able to bring the dough in shape. Find my recipe for a perfect homemade pizza dough here. 

Make sure you dust your surface with semolina before you start with flatting the dough. My recipe is good for two normal sized pizzas. So at first half the dough in two smaller pizza loafs.


Flat the entire loaf at first. Continue with circular movements to stretch out the dough. Make sure to not tear apart the loaf.


Leave the rim thicker than the rest of the loaf. Be careful to not press out the air from the rim. In this way you will get a crunchy crust from the outside and at the same time fluffy  at the inside.


The more the better is not always true. And especially not when it comes to pizza. Do not use too much tomato sauce as it will make the dough soggy during the bake. I suggest 2,5 tbs of tomato sauce.  



For a perfect baking result use a pizza stone. Preheat the oven to 250°C. 


For extra flavor it is possible to brush the rim with garlic oil after baking. 

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