My Story

Who am I?

My name is Enno, I’m 24, German and living in the Netherlands. Back in 2013, I started my studies of International Hospitality Management and finally finished them in March 2018. During my studies, I joined the cooking association Culinary Cuore of Stenden Hotel Management School. Being part of this association and especially being part of the board gave me the possibility to develop my cooking skills over the last years. 


Cooking has ever since been my passion. Already in the kindergarten I was convinced that our group was in need of a new kitchen, and of course, Santa brought us one. My grandma still calls me ‘Topfkieker’ as I always look in every pot which stands on the stove when I walk in. My grandmas and mom certainly brought me to cooking. On several occasions, I helped my mom and grandmas in the kitchen, in the beginning, more or less effective. But becoming older I experimented, especially with baking and chocolate. And now I would even call myself gastro sexual  :). 

My dear friend Anne.
My dear friend Anne.

Thanks to my friend Anne, an educated chef, she actually was the one to introduce me to the cooking association Cuore which gave me the platform to evolve. Being in a group of people that shares the same, or nearly the same passion for food, was a vast part of my student life. Preparing recipes and coming up with ‘new’ things filled many weekends and afternoons. 

I started this blog to share my ideas and recipes with likeminded people. In daily life, I am working in marketing at the moment and cooking gives me time to relax and recover. More to that it also forces my creativity and stimulates to think in odd ways, which helps from time to time. 

So if you like my blog, please follow me and feel free to try and share the recipes.