Pork, beef or poultry. Have a look at my favorite recipes when it comes to meat. Slow roasted, stews, fried or baked. But please do not waste it. Only use as much as you really need. Have fun cooking! 

Steak with mashed potatoes and carrots

This recipe is a delicious main dish with a hint of the Wadden Sea.

Rilette of duck

Use leftovers of a earlier roast, or just take a fresh breast or any other piece of a duck. Served with fresh bread it is a perfect starter. 

Quail with roasted vegetables

Quail, a underestimated bird and so tasty! Try this dish and have a look how easy it is to prepare quails. 

Chicken breast with relish of tomatoes, chilli and green pepper

Spiciness in combination with sweetness, topped with a juicy and tender chicken breast. This dish is perfect for a fast and easy dinner. 

Beef stew with cinnamon and mushrooms

This stew is perfect for a dinner and the cinnamon flavor will surprise you.. Serve it for example with some cooked potatoes and carrots.  

Poached Pork

Juicy pork filet in herb marinade. Easy to make and it will always turn out the same way.