Cooking equipment

What you need in your kitchen

Good results come from good preparation. And preparation already starts with the right equipment. With the following list I want to give an indication on what are the basic tools that I usually use when cooking. Sure not all of them are basic, but for me they became basic over the years.

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Vegetables, meat or fish- it does not matter, a good sharp knife is a true friend and can cut nearly everything. Important is, that it flows.


Pestle and mortar 

Crushing spices, creating your own rub or making a fresh presto. Pestle and mortar are definitely a must have for every kitchen! Best material in my eyes is stone. And by the way, it is also one of the oldest cooking equipment’s. 


Baking brush

A baking brush or cooking brush is an essential tool. You can choose between silicon and natural ones. And they are not only handy to glaze stuff but also to keep products moist during the cook. Personally I prefer silicon because I feel that they are easier to clean. 


Vacuum machine 

Oh I love this one. It is definitely a must have. You will safe so much food by vacuum sealing. And it is also great to cook in these bags when you use a sous vide cooker. They are a bit of an investment but you already can get some for around 90 Euro, and it is worth the money.  


Sous Vide cooker

Making your own pickles, preheating soups, keeping your espuma flask on the right temperature or making the most incredible spareribs, chicken or pork tenderloins. It does not matter, it is definitely not a basic cooking tool but one of the most hyped at the moment. But this hype is in my opinion justified. If you once tasted a chicken breast that has been cooked for 3 hours on 43°C you will want one as well. There are several brands on the market reaching from 80 up to 300 Euro, some with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but to be honest a simple one is more than enough.



It is important to know how hot or cold something is when you are cooking. Therefore get yourself a good working digital thermometer. I use one of IKEA, it works perfect and is really affordable. 



Yes definitely basic but a must have! This tool is not only handy to get rid of the outer peel bit also to make thin slices of vegetables for a dish. 


Cooking tong

Deep frying, pan frying, BBQ, water bath or baking. A tong is a handy tool for your kitchen and a must have. My favorite are the once made of metal.



Lemons, horse reddish, chocolate, nutmeg etc., it does not matter what you want to grate, and you just will need a good one to do so. My favorites are the once from Microplane, but there are also cheaper options. 


Dough scraper

A dough scraper has more than one function. Of course it is used while baking to separating dough or to just shape the loaf of a bread. But you can also use it to transport cut vegetables and herbs into a pot or pan. 


Espuma flask

An espuma flask is not something new. Back in the days it was used to whip up cream and nowadays we also make foam with it. Personally I only use this one if I need a foam in a dish or for service in a dessert with cream on it. 



Making soup, smoothies, pesto, grinding some herbs. So much possibilities with a blender. My choice is the Bamix. Like a non-destroyable blender you will have for years, I have mine for 5 years now and still goes strong like the first day. 



Stainless steel, Teflon, iron the all have their pro and cons. Personally I like the iron ones but they are not everyone’s favorite. The important thing is that you can handle the pan and that it works on your stove. 

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